Us, Screen-printing and your t-shirts.

Screen-printing in one way or another has been around for a very long time and screen-printing as we know it today was patented here in England in 1907. It was a commercial success and later on made a big impression in the art world as you probably know. To screen-print the artist, designer or SpaceRobot, as we have here, gets the design onto their screen using some emulsion, light and a bit of hard work. Once a screen has been made (and if you're really interested in how you can find out loads and loads online) you can print a design over and over again on to so many different surfaces including t-shirts of course. You print by pushing ink through the fine silk of your screen and then you set the print, usually with heat.


This is what we do with your t-shirts and we do every bit ourselves. We make the designs, get them onto the screen, print them onto the t-shirt and make sure the design sticks. What this means is that you get a product that is made by a process steeped in history and culture plus great attention to detail. Every shirt we make will be just that little tiny bit different because it was printed by hand which we think makes it that little bit more special than your run of the mill t-shirt.


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